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Organic Agriculture

Since May 2009 the whole of the vineyard switched to Organic Agriculture :

A lot of reasons motivated my choice to produce organic wines. First of all, I realised that on top of polluting, the products I was using were getting less and less effective. It was then a priority to think about the Earth. That’s why I decided to start going organic, knowing that the whole conversion into 100% organic takes three years and that it demands much more work in the vineyard.




After taking over from the Holy Family Fathers, we continued to work with maximum respect of the environment and according to the Moon Calendar. Therefore going organic was a natural progression to the next stage. I am well aware of the interest consumers show for organic products, a real desire to have access to healthier products.

Organic Agriculture is good for the soil, for the environment, for our health and for the one of our children. Since I became a father in 2009, I thought that was the best year turn this into reality!


Explanations signed by Florian ANRE, the Winemaker of Chateau de Manissy.